After the Storm – release September 29th 2023
Slow Show – release April 6th 2023
Midnight Firedance – release January 27th 2023
The Duel – release October 23rd 2022
Out of the Shadow – release June 14th 2022
Cat Talk – release March 27th 2022
Can You Keep a Secret? – release February 4th 2022
The Explorer – the search for the Golden Guitar
Familiar Rooms – a short presentation
Life on Hold – release March 26th 2021
Once Upon a Time on a Highway – release January 29th 2021
Velvet Shoes on a Hot Tin Roof – release November 20th 2020
What Is It All About from the album Erik Borelius and House of Sound

SexTioTvå in the Church of Häverö

Erik Borelius & House of Sound live. 2Cult – from the album Reality Bites

A short introduction to a clinic with Erik Borelius where he talks about his music, technique, composing, sound aso (in Swedish on this video)

Duende from the Grammy-nominated album with the same name

Erik Borelius on television

Guitar solo Happy Fly from the album Fantasy

Heaven On Their Minds from the album Movies On A String

Erik Borelius on True Temperament. Now We Are Free from the album Movies On A String

Skinthin Attraction from the album Live The Life Of A Star

Dalhalla – “transportation”